107: Beginner Computerized Quilting Class
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107: Beginner Computerized Quilting Class

Class introducing computerized quilting.

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PHONE: +1 (608) 563-4415
EMAIL: quiltcentral@outlook.com

Kit Includes:
(1) Custom printed fabric quilt top with instructions (approx 36" by 42")
(1) Backing piece (approx 45" by 45")
(1) Batting piece

For Shirley Stitchers, Quilt Magicians, Quilt Creators, A-1 Quilt Gallery, Quilt Artists, Precision Stitch or Any Quilt-EZ Software

This class is the base for beginner computerized quilting.
Markings are on the fabric to teach you how to pick a location for a pattern. In the top one third of the fabric, you will learn how to do edge to edge work with the computer. The black area in the center is for a special table runner stitch out that has shapes to fill with patterns. In the table runner section, you will learn how to set a pattern into a circle, triangle, on point block or rectangle. You will learn how the edit menu works as far as scaling to size, scaling in or out of proportion, mirror image, repeating patterns, rotating patterns, and setting a new a start point. The last little space of the fabric is to teach how to trace and record a pattern, and play it back for stitch out.

Many, many other aspects of beginning computerized quilting are addressed in this class. If you are thinking about owning a computerized quilting machine, you really should come to this hands-on class to try this out before you purchase. If you are an owner of either a Shirley Stitcher, Quilt Magician, Quilt Creator, A-1 Quilt Gallery, Quilt Artists, Precision Stitch or any of the Quilt-EZ computers, you will find this class to be something you will not want to pass up.
Skill Level:
Skill Details:
Materials Included:
Paper & Writing Tool
Instructor Name:
Janie Donaldson
Instructor Bio:
Janie Donaldson Mullen

107: Beginner Computerized Quilting Class

$ 200.00
Includes materials and lunch