Best Purchased With:


Side Clamps - $49

Corded Leader Cloth - $145


Price Breakdown:

Sparrow QE - $799

Cutie Tabletop Frame - $999.00

Tax - ~$98

Shipping - ~$75

Net Price: ~$1971


Light and durable, the Cutie is also portable, storable, adaptable, affordable and adorable! Wow, what a mouthfull.


You'll love what the Cutie can do for your quilting.


Here are some of the hightlights:


- The Cutie can pair with almost any home sewing maching.


- Any size quilting or sewing project is possible with the Cutie.


- Easily portable and storable, your Cutie Tabletop Fabric Frame can sit happily in the closet in between projects. 


- Your Cutie can work anywhere you find a sturdy flat surface... so take it on vacation with you!


- Includes the dual-track upgrade built in... so it comes ready to handle any sewing or quilting challenge your imagination can throw at it.

EverSewn QE:


  • Modern sewing and quilting machine with professional sewing features – ideal for advanced sewers and quilters
  • Beautiful stitch Quality, knee lift and an 8-inch throat space – perfect for larger projects or quilts
  • The Sparrow QE offers professional Tools at a very competitive price, offering over 70 stitch patterns, speed control and a built-in thread cutter
  • Selecting and changing Stich settings is quick and simple with the intuitive and easy-to-navigate Interface
  • Slide-on table and a special quilting deluxe foot kit can be purchased separately

EverSewn Sparrow QE w/ Cutie Tabletop Frame