Best Purchased With:


Luminess LED Light Station (5 ft) - $499

Side Clamps - $49.00

Battery Operated Laser Light - $49.95

Plug Operated Laser Light - $119.95

Rear Handles - $189.95

Q'nique 15M Fancy Feet Box 3pc - $99.95

Q'nique 15M Fancy Feet Box 9pc - $149.95

Q'nique 15M Ruler Base - $99.95


Price Breakdown:

Q'nique 15M - $3499.00

Q-zone Hoop Frame -$1499.95

Tax - ~$274.94


Net Price: ~$5273.89

(Price is an estimate, other factors may apply)


Adjustable Depth

Adjust the working area of your quilting frame to fit your machine. You can make it shorter for home sewing machines, or longer for midarm machines. The frame is compatible with machines with up to a 19 inch throat.


Work Sitting Or Standing

The Q-Zone Hoop-Frame can conveniently adjust to let you quilt in the way that is most comfortable to you. Quilt standing or from your favorite chair. While sitting, the small footprint of the frame will let you still reach both ends with your quilting machine.


Q'nique 15M:


Manual-Mode midarm quilting machine. Built with the same quality specifications and 15 inch throat space as the original Q'nique 14+ midarm, this amazing Q’nique 15M machine focuses on the simple manual stitch mode that many quilters prefer.


The LED screen displays the current speed setting and can be adjusted up or down with the push of a button on the handles. This machine has no stitch-regulation. A stitch regulation upgrade can be purchased separately for this machine. 

Q'nique 15M w/ Q-Zone Hoop Frame