Following are the prices of items or accessories separately

o   The 21-inch quilting head alone (7999.95)

o   Continuum 10ft frame alone (2999.95)

o   2ft extension for frame to make 12ft (500)

o   Dead bar (249.95)

o   Back handle bars (189.95)

o   Laser light (119.00)

o   Ruler base (99.95)

o   Starter ruler set (201.50)

o   Set of 3 additional feet for ruler work, micro stippling, open toe (100.00)

o   Extra needle screw (7.50)

o   Extra bobbin case (70.95)

o   10 pack of needle size 18 (7.50)

o   10 pack of needle size 16 (7.50)

o   Starter kit of thread-12 cones (99.00)

o   Needle positioner magnet to get your needle in right (12.00)

o   10 pack of bobbins (20.00)

o   Leader cloth (125.00)

o   Pinless leader grips for 10ft (85.00)

o   Pinless leader grips for 12ft (110.00)

o   Extra encoder (100.00)

o   Encoder wire silver (7.50)

o   Encoder wire black (7.50)

o   10ft overhead light bar (599.00)

o   12ft overhead light bar (699.00)

o   Computerization System (7500.00) includes tablet

o   Additional Retreats for Learning (150 a day) includes materials and lunch

o   Additional Computer patterns (299.00 for 50)

o   Additional Pantograph Patterns (18 for 3 to 6 on sheet)

o   Backlash spring for bobbin case (7.50)

o   Check spring for tension assembly (7.50)

o   Extra tension assembly (49.95)

o   Bobbin Case straightener (150.00)

o   Oil (7.50)

The Better Package 21