Q'nique Tutorial Videos
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QCT4 Motor-Plate Firmware Update

Moving the Screen to the Rear Handles on the Q'nique

Installing Encoders on the Q'nique

Q'nique Quilting Machine Stitch Modes

How to Reassemble the Q'nique Quilter Encoder

How to Reinstall the Bobbin Case Spring

Q'nique 14+

Threading the Q'nique 14+

Oiling the Q'nique 14+

Changing the Needle for Q'nique 14+

Adjusting the Q'nique 14+ Hopping Foot

Q'nique Tension: Bottom Tension

Q'nique Tension: Top Tension

Q'nique Tension: Top Tension Too Tight

Q'nique Tension: Top Tension Too Loose

Q'nique Tension: Eyelashes or Looping

How to use Q'nique Bobbin Winder