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Quilt Central TV: Episode 101
"Decorating the Heart of the Home"
We start out this episode with a preview of the rooms we will decorate throughout this series. Then Bethany Reynolds, an American Quilters Society (AQS) author creates a beautiful fan quilt using FreeSpirit Fabrics "Le Chateau" fabric and her Stack N Wack TM technique as demonstrated in her newest book "Stack and Wackier". Learn Janie's secrets to featherwork on the Gammill longarm whether you freehand them or use a feather stencil. At the Bernina sit-down quilter, Janie shows us how she freehand quilted the Quilt Central logo banner using Sulky of America's varigated rayon threads.

Quilt Central TV: Episode 102
"Delicious Dining Room Decor"
In this episode we decorate the dining room. Our theme fabric is "birds of Paradise" by FreeSpirit Fabric. Cindy Walkter demonstrates how she creates a landscape wall-hanging with snippets of fabric. Her secret is in using Steam-A-Seam 2, a pressure sensitive fusible made by The Warm Company, which she applies to the fabric then freely creates with snippets of fabric. Cindy's book "More Snippet Sensations" published by Krause Publications has many ideas and great instructions for snippet art. Anyone who loves thread will love ribbonwork. Janie shows how fun and easy this technique is on the longarm quilting machines using Sulky threads. Enjoy a little Paducah history when we visit the Paducah flood-walls. Muralist Robert Dafford transformed the grey concrete walls into spectacular documentation of Paducah history. Karna Lackey from Bernina of thread painting. Karna cuts out a motif from the "Birds of Paradise" and on the Bernina 180 she free motion quilts it to achieve this effect. Lastly, Karna demonstrates the Bernina Embroidery module with it's 25 built-in designs plus alphabet.

Quilt Central TV: Episode 103
"Cute Clown Theme for a Child's Bedroom"
Joyce Drexler creates a clown applique wall-hanging using Sulky of America's threads to add dimension to the fun Alphabet Clown fabric by FreeSpirit Fabric. Joyce uses Sulky Solvy, a heavy water soluable stabilizer to stabilize the fabric and to trace the pattern onto the wall-hanging. Nancy Knaus, from Pennywinkle Valley Ranch, shares her husbands new invention - a portable longarm quilting frame. Using her frame and Bernina sewing machine, Nancy sews pantographs. Donna has an interview with Patricia Chatham Bolton, editor of Quilting Arts Magazine, a magazine totally dedicated to embellished quilting. Pat DeSantis from EZ Quilting (Wrights) shows us easy to make accessories for our clown bedroom. Window treatments are made quickly using EZs Valance (Styrofoam board) and EZs curtain tape. The dresser runner quilting pattern is marked using the EZ Sliding Stencil.

Quilt Central TV: Episode 104
"Serene Southwestern Bedroom"
Join Victoria Faror for a wonderful tour of the Museum of the American Quilt's Society. For more information on MAQS visit www.quiltmuseum.org. Joyce Drexler makes a southwestern thread sketch wall-hanging. She uses Sulky Sovly, a water soluable stabilizer, to trace the pattern on and KK 2000, a spray adhesive to hold the Solvy onto the fabric. For her palette, she chose "Leonardo's Choice", a fabric with a hand-dyed look from FreeSpirit Fabric. To do the actual thread sketching, Joyce sews with Sulky's 30 wt. rayon thread. Janie demonstrates how to quilt perfect circles on the Gammill longarm quilting machine using a circle maker attachment.

Quilt Central TV: Episode 105
"Floral Fantasies"
Learn to make a floral bouquet Snippet Art wall-hanging with Cindy Walter. Her secret to the ease o snippet art is in applying Steam-A-Seam 2, a pressure sensitive fusible made my The Warm Company, to the fabric. Cindy has 2 books with great ideas and instruction, "Snippet Sensations" and "More Snippet Sensations". Janie shows whole cloth quilting on a bed quilt she made from FreeSpirit Fabrics "Once Upon A Time" designed by Annie Danielson. Janie outline quilts around the beautiful hydrangeas then adds extra betting from Fairfield to accomplish the trapunto technique on the longarm quilting machine. Donna interviews Patricia Chatham Bolton, editor of Quilting Arts Magazine. This upscale publication is dedicated entirely to embellished quilting. Janie designs and plants a true flower bed suing a quilt design and flowers brought to the by Micheal Davis from Lawn Tamers Nursery.

Quilt Central TV: Episode 106
"Nautical for the Bed and Body"
Make a nautical theme wall-hanging with Pat Yamin using Come Quilt With Me's "I Spy" templates and turntable called the "Brooklyn revolver." Janie shows how to emphasize the mariner's compass quilt pattern with straight line quilting using the GamGuide and a large throat plate on the Gammill longarm. Janie demonstrates many quilting techniques using the 1/4" foot as a guide to free motion quilt a "c" pattern, comet, geometrics, flames and eco quilting. Have fun with Donna and Janie in Paducah at the Waterfront Music Festival and After dinner downtown Paducah. Joyce Drexler from Sulky of America embellishes a ready made jean over-shirt with a lighthouse design. She uses Sulky Stabilizers, KK2000 and Sulky Silver thread.

Quilt Central TV: Episode 107
"Oh! What a Doll!"
Donna creates an adorable appliqued wall-hanging with a doll theme. She uses FreeSpirit Fabrics "Victoria's Treasure Chest" fabric and a doll applique pattern from Custom Creations. Nancy Knaus quilts the wall-hanging on the Pennywinkle Valley Ranch quilting frame. She uses the Bernina 180 on the frame and the quilts bricks and leaves, does outlining, embellishing and stippling. Ann Driscoll, from Fairfield Processing , brings two dolls with her. An art doll by Barbara Willis and Poly by Marsha Evans Moore. Ann demonstrates how to make Poly, stuffing her with polyfil and pellets and creating clothes for her from "Victoria's Treasure Chest" fabric. Fairfield offers a free pattern for Poly An interview with Dee Pittham of the National Quilters' Association is interesting and informative. New NQA members are always welcome. The next NQA Quilt Show "Patterns of Our Lives" will be held at Charlotte Convention Center & Hilton Charlotte and Towers in Charlotte, North Carolina from June 27-30, 2002.


Quilt Central TV: Episode 108
"Making an Entrance"
Enjoy making a button-on spare patch wall-hanging with Ann Driscoll from Fairfield Processing. Ann strip pieces FreeSpirit Fabrics "Le Chateau" and "Leonardos Choice" together. You could also use up your own stash of scraps for this wall-hanging. What you will want to use though are creative buttons from Blumenthal Lansing Company to decorate and attach your seasonal interchangeable center piece of the wall-hanging. Ann chose Fairfield Processing's low loft batting. Using a pattern she created, Janie shows us reverse applique on the longarm quilting machine. Fabric shopping is a lot of fun but can also be quite overwhelming. Janie takes us fabric shopping at Hobby Lobby and gives helpful hints for fabric selection. Mary Edwards, representing The Warm Company, makes a fusible glass bead window hanging. She chose "Leonardo's Choice" for the background and fuses The Warm Company's glass beads to it to create the faux stain glass. Pattern and complete instructions are available.

Quilt Central TV: Episode 109
"All Methods of Quilting Allowed"
You must have heard about "Dear Helen". Today she is the guest on our show. Helen Squire, an AQS author of the "Dear Helen" book series and her latest book "Helens Copy And Use Quillting Patterns", shows how to use her patterns, how to mark your quilt and patterns and how to quilt by hand. Janie demonstrates how the laser light attachment for the longarm quilting machine easily guides the pattern onto the fabric. Using Sulky metallic threads to add sparkle, Janie shows a technique similar to the zigzag called jetting. Donna interviews Patricia Chatham Bolton editor of Quilting Arts Magazine. They talk about the history of crazy quilting to modern times. Janie shows how to make your own binding on the Bind-All using a special attachment and then how to bind your quilt.

Quilt Central TV: Episode 110
"Wearable Quilts"
Learn all about quilting fabric for use in garments with designer Jessy Beekman-Smalley. Representing Fairfield Processing. Jessy demonstrates how she creates a jacket using crazy patch and channeling and a creative button closure. She used Fairfield low loft batting. Jessy has her own design studio, JB-Designs in West Allis, Wisconsin. Quilting small or non-square pieces on the longarm quilting machine is what Janie shows, along with channeling techniques to shape fabric for a better garment fit. For all the quilt and fiber art lovers we have a tour of the Yeiser Art Center's fiber art exhibits. Yeiser Art Center brings high quality art to the hometown venue. Joyce Drexler, from Sulky of America, shares a zebra vest with a cameo effect designed by Carol Ingram. Joyce free-motion quilts the Zebra with Sulky Silver. She uses Sulky Solvy, a water soluble stabilizer, for the add on tree. Complete instructions along with other great ideas can be found in "Sulky Dimensional Concepts".

Quilt Central TV: Episode 111
"Out on the Back Deck"
Luella Doss, representing Bernina of America , decorates the deck with a chicken theme. Luella takes us from fabric design to quilt. The fabric Luella designed fro FreeSpirit Fabric is called "Fowl Play". Using the Bernina 180 she constructs a quilt she calls "Poultry in Motion". A free pattern for this quilt is available. Janie teaches how to quilt the "versatile" leaf design on the longarm using Sulky threads. Then she instructs how to quilt blocks in continuous line to make a perfect grid. All this is done on the fabric for the patio seat cushions. Ann Driscoll, from Fairfield Processing, introduces Fairfield's  densified batting cushions which we covered for out chair cushions. Ann also demonstrates how to make a bolster chicken pillow designed by Luella Doss using Luellas "Fowl Play" fabric line and Fairfield's pre-made bolster pillow. Ann then stuffs the chicken legs and head with Fairfield's Polyfil. NQA President Dee Pittham tells about NQA Quilt Show "Patterns of Our Lives" being held at Charlotte Convention Center & Hilton Charlotte and Towers in Charlotte, North Carolina from June 27-30, 2002.

Quilt Central TV: Episode 112
"Log Cabins"
Decorating the Master bedroom was a challenge but lots of fun. The log cabin is a cozy traditional pattern perfect for the master bedroom. On the Bernina 180 Janie sews each step giving a little history on the log cabin block as she constructs it. Hal Zeller from Displayaway shares his professional quilt display units and demonstrates how easy they are to use. Then off to Pattis 1880s Settlement, a true log cabin village that decorates with quilts, flowers and stained glass. While in Paducah, Pattis is a wonderful place to spend the day or even a few hours and with two restaurants that has food to suit anyone's palate. Janie shows how to quilt the log cabin design for best results. She meanders or outlines the dark area and emphasizes the light area by a panto-graph with the laser light on the longarm. To aid you in creating your own design you can use "Discover Designs".

Quilt Central TV: Episode 113
"Award Winning Quilts"
Take a carriage rid with Tom Erwin on Annie's Horse-drawn Carriage through historical downtown Paducah to the Executive Inns Convention Center, where American Quilter's Society holds its annual Quilt Show and Contest. Get an abbreviated tour of AQS's Quilt Show and many of the events that go along with it. Meet Diane Gaudynski, a Bernina of America Machine Quilting award winner. Learn some of her secrets to making an award winning quilt. Janie demonstrates Statler Stitchers automation that goes on any longarm quilting machine. Then sit back and awe at Janie's gallery of spectacular quilts.

Quilt Central TV: Episode 201
"Wedding Bells"
A quilt makes the perfect gift for the newlyweds, and Donna Wilder show how to make a quilt called "From the Garden View" by Marinda Stewart. Donna uses FreeSpirit Fabrics beautiful "Garden View" fabric and adds dimension with Blumenthal buttons for the flower centers. Marilyn Badger creates a lacy look on American Professional Quilting Systems longarm quilting machine, the Millennium. For this technique, Marilyn uses Sulky's Ultra Solvy and lots of thread! A stitch regulator keeps her stitches perfect and uniform. A beaded handbag would be the perfect wedding accessory, and Marinda Stewart demonstrates some gorgeous examples using Gutermann of America's beads. Marinda shows some traditional embroidery work and beautiful tassels made with Gutermann's threads. We'll visit a perfect place to have a wedding, Pattis 1880's Settlement, an authentic log cabin settlement near Paducah, KY. Also, Janie Donaldson has a tip for the thread artist: thread lubrication!

Quilt Central TV: Episode 202
"Cootchie Coo"
Who doesn't love babies? Who doesn't love to make baby quilts? Marlis Bennet, from Bernina of America, pieces an adorable design together, created by Susan Fears, using the Bernina 180 and FreeSpirit Fabrics "Special Arrangements" line designed by Marna Hill. Marlis finishes and binds the quilt with ease using a binding attachment. Nancy Knaus finishes it off with dainty quilting using the portable Pennywinkle Valley Ranch quilting frame and the Bernina 180. Laura Farson demonstrates fabulous fast folded flower techniques. Complete instructions and many great quilt patterns can be found in Laura's book "Fast Folded Flowers" published by Krause Publications. Jeanne Stauffer, representing House of White Birches, has some ideas for mom to add to quilted touches to her outfit. These ideas can be found in a book called "The Year of Jumpers". House of White Birches publishes two quilt magazines, "Quilt World Magazine" and "Quick and Easy Quilts".

Quilt Central TV: Episode 203
"Make it More than a Memory"
Our creations can be more than just pretty, they can display elements of our personality and history. A wall-hanging shaped like a bookshelf does just that when Marlis Bennett, from Bernina of America, puts her creative hand to it. This project is from the book "The Collectable Quilt II" by Wendy Etzil. Many techniques are applied in miniature using many of the unique features on the Bernina 180 and Embroidery Module. Joyce Drexler reels in a winner with a quilt for your fishing family and friends. Joyce uses Sulky's Totally Stable to stabilize the fabric before she embellishes with decorative stitches using Sulky's 12 and 30 wt. cotton thread. Shimmer is added to some areas of the quilt using Sulky's Holoshimmer Threads. These techniques and more can be found in Sulky's book "Secrets to Successful Applique". Paul Statler explains how automating the longarm quilting machine with the Statler Stitcher can make it remember your favorite patterns and original designs. A trip down memory lane takes us to the Market House Museum in Paducah, KY. Janie's tip of the week explains the back-lash spring and how to eliminate that loose stitch. Shell introduce a gadget called a Bobbin Straightener and it does just that, straightens your bobbin case!

Quilt Central TV: Episode 204
"'Tween Teen Theme"
They're no longer children, but not quite young adults - they're tweens! Decorate their room with a quilt made with a technique using crayons demonstrated by Joyce Drexler, from Sulky of America. Joyce uses Sulky's KK 2000 Temporary Spray Adhesive to hold the ballerina slipper in place and quilts the wall=hanging with Sulky's Ultra Twist Rayon Threads. Joyce stores all her supplies in Sulky's Slimline Storage Box. Complete instructions for Joyce's project along with many other interesting ideas can be found in "Sulky Secrets to Successful Quilting". Tween reporter Vanessa Kaiser takes us to an exhibit by kids at the Museum of the American Quilter's Society. For more information on this exhibit and other at MAQS visit www.quiltmuseum.org. Janie Donaldson guides us through the tricks to quilting on denim. Notice Janie's fun glasses, eyewear from FunSpecs! Vanessa returns to help Donna Wilder construct a quilt called "Star Within A Star" designed by Marsha Evans Moore, using FreeSpirit Fabrics "Color Connectors" designed by Heide Stoll-Weber. A free pattern of "Star Within A Star" is available. Janie's longarm tip shows how to eliminate the loose stitch by manipulating the take up spring.

Quilt Central TV: Episode 205
"Happy Holidays"
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas when Marlis Bennett, from Bernina of America, creates a quilted mantle scarf on the Bernina 180. Marlis shows how to make pin tucks with a filler cord and metallic thread using a pin tuck foot, pin tuck needle and seam guide for those perfect rows of pin tucks. For the hand sewn look, Marlis uses the stipple stitch which she loads into the 180 using Bernina's computer stitch software. Janie Donaldson embellishes a tree skirt with the fancy crazy quilt stitches on the Professional Freehander quilting machine. Using the laser light Janie traces her quilting pattern from paper to quilt. To help the specialty threads feed smoothly, Janie uses a thread lubricator and a thread tree carries the flat, ribbon-like threads. Fashion designer Jessie Beekman-Smalley creates a charming reversible, one-piece vest. Pattern available. Jessie gives tips for some easy design elements. Janie and her two boys share a special Christmas moment. Janie's tip will be about machine lubrication.

Quilt Central TV: Episode 206
"Easy Elegance"
Quilting garments for special occasions is the subject, and Marilyn Badger from American Professional Quilting Systems is the teacher. She gives us a lesson using the Millennium, a longarm quilting machine, in some incredible art styles. One of Marilyn's tips is to use Sulky's Ultra Solvy and tons of thread! Sit back and enjoy the styles from the Bernina Fashion Show, modeled at quilt shows around the world. Our wonderful models are mother and daughter, Rosemarie and Rachel Steele. Then Marilyn Badger is back with more secrets to using Sulky's Ultra Solvy. She uses a guide and adapter foot and a stitch regulator for those perfect stitches! Design & Planning Concepts creator Nancy Mirman instructs us in the design and planning of good garment construction. Design & Planning Concepts has many patterns available for "wearable art for everyday living". Utilizing different presser feet is Janie's tip of the week, and of course, Janie's fun eye wear are from FunSpecs!

Quilt Central TV: Episode 207
"The Art of Quilting"
Art is inspired, and these quilting and textile ideas are sure to pique your creativity. Decorative threads and stitches are the sparks for Alice Kolb's wall-hanging designs. Alice's book published by AQS titled "Sew Crazy with Decorative Treads and Stitches" is full of great instructions and ideas. Janie has hints for finishing off your work of art with designer labels quilted with Celtic Designs using a laser light on the longarm machine. Lotuslands Aie Rossmann reveals how to create stunning applique flowers inspired by ancient Burmese motifs. Lotuslands has many available quilt patterns. Take a look at one of the nation's premiere juried textile exhibits at the Yeiser Art Center in Paducah, KY.

Quilt Central TV: Episode 208
"Marriage Mardi Gras Style"
A look at some less traditional quilted wedding fashions in this episode. Jessie Beekman-Smalley, from JB-Designs returns to share the designing of a mardi-gras style wedding she created in her West Allis, WI studio. Our feature wedding dress made with SolarActive Fabric and Thread is spectacular! The dress appears white indoors and the thread changes to color in the sunlight. Marilyn Ellis created this wedding dress for her daughter Angel Stevens. Marilyn Badger has a bridal jacket that is quilted with SolarActive Thread. The quilting on the jacket turns from white to peach in the sunlight. The ring bearer's pillow gets custom treatment, complete with buttons and ribbons, by Ellie Joos. The theme buttons she chose from Blumenthal Lansing Co. made it fun and easy to decorate.

Quilt Central TV: Episode 209
"Tea Time"
Decorating a tearoom in floral themes using FreeSpirit Fabrics "Garden View" line. Joyce Drexler, from Sulky of America, starts with an enchanting topiary tree quilted wall-hanging. Joyce uses Sulky's Sticky Stabilizer by the bolt for the back of the dyers cloth and Sulky's Totally Stable for the pattern pieces. She quilted the wall-hanging with Sulky 30 wt. Variegated Thread. Patterns and complete instructions can be found in "Sulky Secrets to Successful Applique". Carry all of your threads in Sulky's Slimline Storage box. Marilyn Badger continues the theme with an applique quilt on APQS Millennium longarm. Marilyn shows how to adapt a quilting pattern to fit any block. She traces the adapted pattern with a laser light for ease and accuracy and uses a stitch regulator for those even stitches Cindy Walter creates one of her snippet art floral wall-hangings. Cindy's secret to her fast, fusible fabric art is to use Steam-A-Seam 2, a double sided pressure sensitive fusible web. Cindy has two books on this technique, "Snippet Sensations" and "More Snippet Sensations". Cindy Walter is also a traditional quilter and has authored two wonderful books in traditional quilting, "Fine Hand Quilting" and "Attic Windows". Enjoy the Tour with us along the glorious dogwood trail in Paducah. Trail maps and other information's on points of interest in Paducah are available through the Paducah McCracken County Convention & Visitors Bureau. Janie's tip is about making ruffles that turn out beautifully using the Johnson Ruffler.

Quilt Central TV: Episode 210
"A Stitch Back in Time"
Decorate a room with antiques, and quilts old or new. Well construct new quilts out of vintage album patterns with Faye Labanaris. For more ideas and complete instructions see Faye's book "Gardenview Applique" published by AQS. Quilt the venerable Baptist fan design with Marilyn Badger using a circle maker attachment on American Professional Quilting Systems longarm, the Millennium. Bernina's Marlis Bennet creates a handsome Victorian style wall plaque using crazy patch, decorative stitches from the Bernina sewing machines built in stitch menu and bobbin work. Gerald Roy talks about the Pilgrim/Roy antique quilt collection at the Museum of the American Quilter's Society. For information on this collection and others visit www.quiltmuseum.org. Janie's longarm tip deals with new ways to run tricky threads using a thread tree and the multi-tensioner.

Quilt Central TV: Episode 211
"Imagination Sensations"
Quilt on the wild side, beginning with your own, hand painted fabric. Cindy Walter, using Jaquard Products dyes, demonstrates just how easy it is. Nancy Knaus displays her first effort at quilting creative appliques on the Pennywinkle Valley Ranch quilting frame, and it is glorious. A dazzling quilt, "A Walk Through My Garden" created on the Bernina of America sewing machine is explained by Marlis Bennett. She makes beautiful floral embroideries from Bernina's floral embroidery cards then cuts them out from the stabilizer and appliques the embroideries to the quilt. A veritable art gallery of quilts will astound you.

Quilt Central TV: Episode 212
"Dressed Up in Quilted Style"
Don't leave your quilting prowess in the bedroom, show it off on the town when you wear your art on your sleeve. Marlis Bennet fashions a marvelous vest using her creativity and the Bernina 180. Marilyn Badger uses APQS longarm, the Millennium, and reveals the mysteries of faux chenille. Joyce Drexler displays her own bevy of thread art vests using many of Sulky's Threads (Holoshimmer, Ultra Twist, Sliver and Original Metallic). Complete instructions and patterns can be found in "Sulky Secrets to Successful Quilting". We'll wrap it up with the American Quilter's Society fashion show from the Quilt Show and Contest in April of 2002. Janie's tip of the week - all about needles.

Quilt Central TV: Episode 213
"Quilting for the Equestrian"
Joyce Drexler, from Sulky of America, creates a pillow with a chenille look. Joyce chose FreeSpirit Fabrics "Scene of the Hunt" fabric for this technique. She uses Sulky Soft n Sheer, KK 2000 and 4 colors of Sulky Holoshimmer to create the pillow. A handy tool known as a slash cutter cuts through the layers of fabric to create the faux chenille look. This project and more can be found in "Sulky Secrets To Successful Applique". Enjoy a little history on the Kentucky horse tradition. We're in Kentucky, so of course, the horse gets a quilt, too! Paul Statler demonstrates how a Statler Stitcher automated longarm machine can create saddle pads and shipping boots worthy of a Triple Crown winner. Gail Garber, an AQS author and dedicated horsewoman herself, explains how she  constructs her precisely pieced quilts. She draws the design on her computer using AutoCAD, then takes her disc to a blue print store to have the design printed. Gail uses the foundation piecing technique using freezer paper to piece her design together very much like you would a jigsaw puzzle. Her book "Stellar Journeys" has many examples and wonderful instructions on Gail's techniques. Janie's tip deals with speeding your work along. She shares 3 gismos, a pin magnet wristband, a tack gun and an industrial nippers.