Quilt Central TV: Season 5&6
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Quilt Central TV: Episode 501
"Cottage Style"
Krause Publications author Pearl Louise Krush shows us how to make yo-yos to create the romantic cottage style. Machine quilt artist Bonnie Saxby demonstrates how she first dyes her fabrics with her special techniques and Jacquard paints, then quilts the designs following the color patterns. We visit a silkweaver's museum, Maison des Canuts, in Lyon France. Kathi Zeller of DisplayAway shows us how to use the quilt display system for more than just quilts!

Quilt Central TV: Episode 601
"Bridging the Generations"
Welcoming Dave Martelli of Martelli Enterprises, Inc. to the Quilt Central TV family and how he got into quilting. Cindy visits with her mother Dorothy Jacques discussing all the aprons that have been in the family. Janie brings her son, 12, Art Donaldson, into the wonderful world of longarm quilting. Dave answers an email question about a rotary blade problem. Then the Bergquist family of Quilters Treasure talks about how quilting became a big part of their family life. The art of creating unique fabrics for quilting or other projects is demonstrated by Sarah King of the Jacquard Products.

Quilt Central TV: Episode 602
"It's All About Fabric"
Janie and Helen Squire of AQS show how Janie's new book, Add-A-line Continuous Quilting Patterns can be used. Take an over-all look with Gail Broadwater of IMQA at the Machine Quilter Showcase 2004. Pam Clarke from Designs with Lines makes applique easy and demonstrates how to stitch down the raw edges with easy using "Herky Jerky" stitch on A-1. Quilting and cruises is the topic discussed with Janie, Cindy and Janean Peterson of Hello World Travel as they reveal Quilt Central TV is going to sea with quilting. School is in session with Dave Martelli of Martelli Enterprises, Inc. with the Curve Maste which makes sewing a curve a breeze.

Quilt Central TV: Episode 603
"Taking the Work Out of Quilting"
In explaining the qualities of fabric. Jennifer Morrow of Print Concepts, Inc. discusses fabric and the step by step from designing to the finished bolt. Come along with Quilt Central to Quilt Market 2004 which was in Pittsburgh Spring, PA. Marinda Stewart gives the overall layout of doing a Fabric Challenge which stimulates a quilter's imagination. In creating a painted marbled fabric with colors and textures not found in commercially manufactured fabrics, Brian Bergquist from Quilter's Treasure using Jacquard Products paints demonstrates how easy it is for the quilter to have that special fabric for their special project.

Quilt Central TV: Episode 604
"Stained Glass"
Brian Bergquist of Quilter's Treasure shows how easy stained glass can be to make and stimulate a quilter to try the technique. How to do a Stain Glass Landscape and Christmas Tree made easy using a Easy Glide Tool and the MicroTach Basting Tool. Avery Dennison is the topic at hand with Barbie Swanson of Fabric Art Shop. A quilter can create a stained glass lamp shade as Cynthia Scott from Janome demonstrates how to achieve the look. Pennywinkle Valley Ranch shows how to create a beautiful peacock stain glass using the satin stitch. Come to Tool School with Dave Martelli of Martelli Enterprises, Inc. and the rotary cutting mat.

Quilt Central TV: Episode 605
"Self Expressive"
Enjoy the gallery of Robbi Joy Eklow quilts and join her as she hand dyes fabric with Procion Dyes, from Jacquard Products. An iron can be used for more than pressing the fabric and Marinda Steward shows how an iron from Rowenta can use this as an embellishment tool. New Mexico's "Thirteen Moons Gallery" and New Mexico Tourism can open a quilter's imagination. Cathy Franks inspires and demonstrates a different technique using Jacquard paints to create different look.

Quilt Central TV: Episode 606
"Handsome and Rustic"
To make handsome quilts embellished with beads, Tom Russell shows how easy one can make a plain quilt into something striking. Jerry Knaus of Pennywinkle Valley Ranch talks about how he got involved in the quilting machine business. Some do not associate men with quilting but they are there and some were at the Machine Quilters Showcase 2004 IMQA talking about quilting. Dave Martelli of Martelli Enterprises, Inc. is in the classroom with another rotary cutting tool. Again, one may not think of men in quilting but Joe Bergquist of Quilters Treasure using Jacquard paints, Jacquard Products marbleize fabric and make it look easy. Some of Quilt Central TV's family has fun in the Fabric Charades, a game which all quilters can have fun with.

Quilt Central TV: Episode 607
"On Angles Wings"
Angles are all around when Joyce Drexler from Sulky of America Inc. demonstrates and embroidered log cabin angel wall-hanging quilted with itoloshimmer thread, she also shows an embroidered log cabin angel in redwork. Cindy Casciato from Jo-Ann Stores talks with Janie about "Save the Children" and quilting. Dave Martelli of Martelli Enterprises, Inc. is in the classroom talking about cutting mats. Marinda Stewart of Rowenta creates a unique plastic stuffed doll. An Angle Pillow is elegant as well as a beautiful addition to any sitting and Cynthia Scott of Janome reveals the how to in making one.

Quilt Central TV: Episode 608
"Getting Dressy"
A velvet scarf is a perfect accent to any outfit and Janie and Cindy demonstrates the first part of using a resist paint by Jacquard Products. To dress up, Cynthia Scott from Janome added make a reversible coat that is warmth and beauty as well as elegant. A garment can be enhanced with quilting as Judy Allen of Golden Threads show how longarm machine and special paper to make quilting easier. Janie and Cindy finish the velvet scarf by adding an elegant look to the scarf along with the Bejeweler to add a sparkle. Patricia Connors of Iselagrace shows how to top off a dressy look with elegant jewelry.

Quilt Central TV: Episode 609
"Pine Cone Hollow"
The Lone Star pattern with at a different angle is what Mary L. Edwards of Mary's Creations demonstrates using a 45 degree cut, changing the look of a Log Cabin to be able to make a Lone Star that shines. Back to the basic Log Cabin, Pam Clarke from Designs with Lines using the A-1 longarm machine gives you three different way to achieve quilting this block. Quilters normally do not think of a serger to piece with but Cynthia Scott from JANOME shows a quilter it is easy and fast to use a serger. Quilting and curses is the topic discussed with Janie, Cindy and Janean Peterson of Hello World Travel as they reveal Quilt Central TV is going to sea with quilting. The Continues Line Cabin is highlighted in a wall-hanging border revealed by Julie Mullin of Golden Threads on a Nolting longarm machine.

Quilt Central TV: Episode 610
"Quilting for Children"
Children are fun to quilt for as well as with and Carol Ingram from Sulky of America has so much fun with a simple 9 patch pattern which she used Tea Time Teddies embroidery card so one can get the children involved in quilting. Joni the Museum of American Quilters Society at a children's workshop and then Lauren Camp talks about a "Rhythm and Pattern Workshop for Children" for children which she taught. Janie, Art and Andy (Janie's sons) paint up a storm with paper with a resist between each section so the paint will not bleed from one section to another which will also give the effect of stained glass. Sarah King of Jacquard Products shows how easy and fun it is for children to paint their own fabric. School is in session with Dave Martelli of Martelli Enterprises, Inc. with the Curve Master which makes sewing a curve a snap.

Quilt Central TV: Episode 611
"Quilt Care"
How does one care for a quilt old or new? This and more is answered by Mary Leahy from Fairfield as she talks about the care of the quilts that quilters spend so much time and money to make but do not know how to care for them. Recess is over and class is ready to begin with Dave Martelli of Martelli Enterprises, Inc. Come and join Joice Drexler from Sulky of America Inc. as she takes the viewers step by step through an embroidered apple wall-hanging, which is perfect for that small area. Beth Wheeler shows how to document a quilt.f

Quilt Central TV: Episode 612
"Dazzling Looks Made Easy"
The umbrella is not what one would think to sew but Cynthia Scott from Janome shows how easy it can be done with a serbe and how one can make a statement with a simple umbrella. Making big blocks in Block Explosion designed by Cindy Casciato of Jo-Ann Stores can make quilting easy, fast and fun. School is in session with Dave Martelli of Martelli Enterprises, Inc. and rotary cutting. The artist Georiaia O' Keeffe was inspirited by the New Mexico landscape as well as by local quilters.

Quilt Central TV: Episode 613
"Enhancing the Christmas Season"
Gifts are fun to make and Cynthia Scott from Janome creates a decorative-stitched watchband and gift bag which anyone would love to receive at that time of the year. The season would not be complete without a Poinsettia; Danetta K. Burnett from Quilt Crazy demonstrates the perfect Poinsettia pantograph pattern fro Christmas time. Cindy Walter gives one step by step on how to achieve a fast but elegant wreath. Visit Dave Martelli fro another class on rotary cutting. Christmas season is not complete without a special wreath. Carol Ingram from Sulky of America shows how to make an elegant pillow sham using embroidery redwork.